Why lawyers are taking the postgraduate path

12 September 2011

Putting in the time and effort to improve skills and demonstrate a commitment to a particular area of law has become a much more important focus for lawyers over the last decade, according to the Dean, Professor Gillian Triggs.

"Historically, most lawyers in the practising profession and indeed lawyers who went into government work or corporate work were never expected to have Masters and certainly not PhDs," she says in an interview with Lawyers Weekly.

"In the last 10 years and increasingly so, the major firms and government departments are looking for that extra commitment to particular areas of specialisation ... the sort of motivation and commitment to taking themselves to the next level."

According to the article, as a result of this increasing desire amongst lawyers to develop specialist expertise, universities and colleges throughout Australia have experienced a surge in interest in their specialist postgraduate law programs and have had to continually update their offerings to keep pace with the demands of a rapidly changing profession.

"Lawyers need to develop their skills and be prepared for what is an increasingly complex and cross-disciplinary area of law," says the Dean.

"We've just developed a new course on energy resources law and the tax aspects of energy resources, as well as the global and environmental aspects.

"These are subjects I couldn't possibly have introduced 10 years ago."

View the entire article - The race for legal honours: Why lawyers are taking the postgraduate path - Lawyers Weekly

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