World Trade Organization - Dispute Resolution

14 September 2011

Gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of WTO law in this second semester intensive, which starts Friday, 30 September 2011.

World Trade Organization - Dispute Resolution explores relevant issues including 'favoured nation', tariff bindings and customs duties, subsidies and non-tariff barriers to trade.

Taught by the Dean, Professor Gillian Triggs and Adjunct Professor Alan Bennett, it examines the WTO dispute resolution system and the findings of the panels and Appellate Body.

Topics covered include:

  • WTO Agreement and the Sanitary and Phyto-sanitary
  • AgreementsAgreements on Trade in Services
  • Technical Barriers to Trade, Trade Related Investment
  • Measures, Anti-Dumping and TRIPS
  • Special and differential treatment for developing country Members
  • Role of WTO within the international legal system and implementation of national law
  • Enforcement of WTO decisions

Professor Gillian Triggs is a Public International lawyer and a Barrister with Seven Wentworth Chambers, NSW.

She is the Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Sydney, having been the Director of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law in London from 2005 - 2007.

She was a Professor in Law at the University of Melbourne since 1996, having graduated in law in 1968 and gaining a PhD in 1982.

Alan Bennett is a practising Australian lawyer, and principal of his own law firm specialising in international trade law and in particular, trade barriers law.

Alan has lectured for 13 years in International Import/Export law within Sydney University's post-graduate faculty of law.

Alan has written a number of texts including "The Guide to the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement"; and, The Guide to Risk Management in Imports/Exports".

Alan is a member of the IMF legal team based in Washington, DC, writing Import/Export law/policy for countries seeking legal drafting/policy assistance from the IMF.

Alan's expertise involves assisting major US/EU clients importing into the Asian region, identify trade barriers and consider available options. These issues often result in WTO dispute settlement proceedings.

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