Criminology Program 2012

23 September 2011

Sydney Law School is pleased to announce its Criminology Program for 2012.

"Sydney Law School's postgraduate criminology program is the most established and respected in Australia," said Program Coordinator, Graeme Coss. "And crucially, we are privileged to be at the centre of Sydney's 'criminological community', enriched by our immediate connection with the esteemed Sydney Institute of Criminology."

"Students are offered a comprehensive, inter-disciplinary and critical coverage of contemporary criminology and criminal justice issues - and the opportunity to study with some of Australia's leading criminologists - amongst them Associate Professor Gail Mason,Dr Murray Lee, Adjunct Professor Duncan Chappell, Professor Mark Findlay, Adjunct Professor Chris Cunneen, and new Adjunct Professor Nicholas Cowdery AM QC."

"The curriculum offers a mix of the theoretical, the doctrinal and the practical - and a mix of the local, the national and the international."

The criminology program is of immediate relevance to a wide range of professional and occupational groups (lawyers, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, probation and parole officers, police, youth workers, correctional officers, those engaged in research and policy work in the public sector), and for anyone with an interest in crime, criminalisation and the criminal justice system.

It is not necessary to have a law degree in order to be admitted to the program.

Units for 2012 are set to include:

A new unit, Discretion in Criminal Justice, with Adjunct Professor Nicholas Cowdery AM QC.

This year's most popular unit, Forensic Psychology with Dr Helen Paterson

Another new unit, Child Sexual Abuse: Diverse Perspectives with Dr Rita Shackel

A further new unit, Regulating Global Crisis with Professor Mark Findlay

Indigenous Peoples & Criminal Justice with Adjunct Professor Chris Cunneen

Criminal Justice Internship with Garner Clancey, for those students seeking practical engagement with criminal justice agencies.

The 2012 Timetable is now available.

Candidates can choose from the following degrees:

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