Off-shore processing of Asylum Seekers

19 October 2011

Labour and the Opposition have made a right political meal of the appropriate response to the off-shore processing of Asylum Seekers, write Professor Mary Crock and Anna Boucher (BA 2005, LLB 2006).

In an opinion piece for The Canberra Times, they contend that their one point of agreement is their stated conviction that government policy in some form can and will "stop the boats".

"Indeed, the idea that policies determine asylum flows has become political orthodoxy within Australian political circles and in the media. In our view it is an assumption that needs to be challenged.

"The phenomenon of asylumseekers engaging people smugglers and taking boats in search of protection is one that is hardly unique to Australia.

"The only extraordinary feature of the Australian experience is the prevalence of the belief that perfect control of Australia's borders is a rational and achievable policy objective."

View the entire article - Asylum: first ask the right questions - The Canberra Times

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