The Belize Constitution

20 October 2011

Dr Peter Gerangelos, Associate Professor of Law at Sydney Law School, was recently briefed by the Executive of the Bar Association of Belize (formerly British Honduras) to provide an academic opinion on proposed amendments to the Belize Constitution purporting to severely curtail the constitutional jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal of that nation.

The Bar Association has published that opinion and it has been the subject of significant commentary in the Belize media and in political and legal circles.

"The proposed amendment has potentially serious consequences for the role of the courts in judicial review, particularly in relation to constitutional matters," he said.

"The matter is one of high political moment and controversy in Belize and the Bar Association is most concerned about the consequences of the amendment."

The matter raised issues relating also to both the decisional and institutional independence of the Belize courts.

They approached Associate Professor Gerangelos on the basis of his expertise and after having examined his recently published book, The Separation of Powers and Legislative Interference in Judicial Process, a comparative study of these matters across a range of jurisdictions.

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