Neither Qantas nor unions will get all they want

23 November 2011

Emeritus Professor Ron McCallum AO outlines the issues concerning the Qantas dispute in an opinion piece in today's Sydney Morning Herald:

"From past determinations, it is highly improbable that the FWA (Fair Work Australia) full bench will give either Qantas or the unions what they wanted during bargaining," he writes.

"This is because such an outcome would act as a future disincentive against successful collective bargaining.

"On the other hand, it does appear that FWA will not directly tell Qantas how to run its business, setting down the localities from which it should operate, or the duration or routes of its flights.

"This said, it may give the employees some comfort by making it more difficult for Qantas to introduce redundancy or contracting-out procedures."

View the entire article - Neither Qantas nor unions will get all they want - Sydney Morning Herald

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