Tasmania to defy WTO lifting of ban on New Zealand Apples

23 January 2012

Dr Brett Williams says multiple agreements could make it difficult for New Zealand to retaliate against a Tasmanian ban on apple imports.

According to reports, Tasmania is refusing to allow imports of New Zealand apples, despite a World Trade Organization (WTO)ruling forcing Australia's to do so.

In an interview with ABC Rural, Dr Williams says the Commonwealth has the power to force Tasmania to comply, but is unlikely to do so unless New Zealand goes back to the WTO.

"What's likely to play out here is that New Zealand is likely to try to impose some sanctions, even if they're very, very small, and that will then provide the trigger for the Federal Government to decide to legislate over the top of Tasmanian law."

Listen to the audio - Tasmania sticking to its ban on NZ apples - ABC Rural

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