AusAID's Australian Leadership Award Fellowships (ALAF) program

30 April 2012

The Faculty is pleased to announce that the following projects have received funding underRound 11 of AusAID's Australian Leadership Award Fellowships (ALAF) program.The ALAFs are part of AusAID's Development Awards program providing short-term professional development for senior and mid-range government officials in developing countries. They aim to provide enhanced leadership, knowledge and training skills, and are an important part of the Australian Government's efforts to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development.

The Faculty is strongly committed to the field of law and international development through research projects, postgraduate programs and participation in aid-funded research and executive training programs, such as the ALAFs. The Faculty has had a number of law and international development projects, either alone or jointly with the University's Graduate School of Government funded, by AusAID under the ALAF program over the last five years. Details of the latest projects to be funded are as follows:

Prosecution capacity building in West Africa (Institute of Criminology)

Funding: $195,877

This program,developed by Louisa Di Bartolomeo, Associate Professor Gail Mason and Adjunct Professor Nicholas Cowdery, is designed to improve capacity and strengthen general and specialist prosecution skills among mid-level prosecutors in West Africa. The Fellows will be instructed in relation to best practice and practical skills in the prosecution of domestic and transnational crimes and in liaising and making use of networks on a regional basis. The three week program includes a training course delivered by experts addressing foundational skills (including prosecutor guidelines and disclosure), national issues (including corruption) and transnational issues (including mutual legal assistance). Fellows will also gain practical experience from work placements, with two short professional attachments at relevant Australian agencies. The program focuses on leadership in "training the trainer" to improve the capacity and effectiveness in the public sector by building human resources critical to Africa's longer term development. Fellows will lead discussions and give presentations on key issues regarding prosecution and develop a work plan to implement upon their return to West Africa, sharing the knowledge learned to strengthen capacity within their organisations through structured or informal training, mentoring and leadership. The Institute of Criminology will support an ongoing mentorship scheme to support the Fellows and access further opportunities for development, establishing long term linkages following completion of the program.

The Fellows are from:Ghana, Cameron, The Gambia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone

Legislative drafting capacity building in Africa (Melissa Burney)

Funding: $303,003

In many African countries a shortage in legal drafting skills is a major constraint on the implementation of development policies. Underpinning the reform necessary to aid countries in achieving economic and social stability and in meeting their Millennium Development Goals is good governance, the foundation for which is well drafted legislation with clear and effective rule-based regulatory systems. The program involves theoretical and practical training in best practice legislative drafting techniques. Leveraging the training, the Fellows undertake a professional attachment with an Australian Parliamentary Counsel Office and compete research project. Training in effective leadership will strengthen the program's sustainability, assisting Fellows to transfer knowledge and drive change.

The Fellows are from: Kenya, Uganda, Botswana and Cameroon.

Vietnam: Improving capacity in international tax enforcement (Professor Lee Burns)

Funding: $305,045

The program aims to improve the capacity of the revenue authority to enforce Vietnam's tax laws in relation to international transactions and strengthening capacity to counter international tax minimisation practices. Under the program, academic expertise in the area of international tax will be complemented by practical knowledge from leading practitioners from both the public and private sectors. The program will promote a clear understanding of international tax enforcement through short-term training, a research project of relevance to Vietnam's international tax system, and professional development and interaction with Australian international tax experts.

Contact: Greg Sherington

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