Perfecting Pregnancy

9 May 2012

A new book co-authored by Associate Professor Kristin Savell explores the tensions and ambiguities that inform the laws surrounding reproductive choice.

Perfecting Pregnancy, co-authored with Professor Isabel Karpin from UTS, outlines that while there is greater reproductive choice, the burden on women and men has increased to avail themselves of these technologies in order to avoid having a child who has a disability.

"Prenatal and preimplantation testing technologies have offered unprecedented access to information about the genetic and congenital makeup of our prospective progeny," Associate Professor Savell and Professor Karpin say.

"Future developments such as preconception testing, noninvasive prenatal testing, and more extensive preimplantation testing promise to increase that access further still.

"The overwhelming question for legislators has been whether and, if so, how to regulate the use of these technologies in the face of compelling but seemingly contradictory claims about the advancement of reproductive choice and the dangers of eugenic or discriminatory effects."

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