Herbert Smith visiting Professor at Cambridge Law School

1 August 2012

Professor Rosemary Lyster was invited to apply for, and has been appointed, a Herbert Smith visiting Professor at Cambridge Law School in 2013.

Law firm Herbert Smith has supported this important Visitor Scheme since 2002, enabling distinguished academics from around the world to carry out research, either individually or in collaboration with Faculty members, in Cambridge.

Rosemary first visited Cambridge in July 2009 as a visiting Fellow at Trinity College when she was alsoteaching Comparative Climate Lawunder the auspices of Sydney Law School's LLM in Europe program.

Rosemary has returned to Cambridge in 2010 and 2012.

During her time at Cambridge she has brought together a team of interdisciplinary experts from around the world to contribute to her new book Rosemary Lyster, Catherine MacKenzie, Constance McDermott (eds) Law, tropical forests and carbon: the case of REDD+ (Cambridge University Press) which will appear in early 2013.

This interdisciplinary and in-depth critical analysis of Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradationoffersperspectives on its enforcement under International Law.

Catherine MacKenzie is a Fellow of Selwyn College and University Lecturer in Law at the University of Cambridge.

She is also a Research Associate at the University of Oxford.Constance McDermott is a James Martin Senior Fellow at the Universityof Oxford. Academics at The University of Sydney who have contributed chapters to the book include Dr Robert Fisher and Dr Jeff Neilson in the School of Geosciences and Associate Professor Tim Stephens and Dr Simon Butt at the Law School.

In 2013, while at Cambridge Law School for three months, Rosemary will be continuing her research into Climate change, catastrophic risk and Disaster Law.

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