The Patent War between Apple and Samsung

30 August 2012

Associate Professor Kim Weatherall says despite the US Jury's verdict which ordered Samsung to pay Apple roughly US $1.5 billion for patent, design, and trade dress (visual appearance) infringements, the war between the two is far from over.

In an opinion piece for The Conversation, Associate Professor Weatherall says there is litigation all over the world between the two companies and this US decision is not a precedent for foreign courts.

"I think we can confidently predict people will be shaking their heads over a patent system that seems to grant billion-dollar monopolies scrolling bounces, intuitive finger gestures and 'rectangles with rounded corners'.

"But then, people will always shake their heads about the patent system."

View the entire article - Apple wins battle of 'look and feel' but war with Samsung continues - The Conversation

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