7th ANJeL International Conference: 'Crisis and the Law in Japan and Beyond'

14 February 2009

ANJeL will be hosting its 7th international conference on Japanese law on Saturday 14 February 2008 at the Tokyo Campus of Ritsumeikan University, tentatively from 2-5 pm. The theme of the conference is Crisis and the Law in Japan and Beyond.

The world is gripped by a financial crisis of unprecedented scale. Major financial institutions, such as Lehman Brothers, have spectacularly failed. Others, such as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, have been saved through nationalisation. Stock markets have plunged. Consumer prices are rising. Business confidence is at all-time lows. Japan is also experiencing crises beyond the economic. Prime Minister Aso has taken over the presidency of an increasingly unstable Liberal Democratic Party after his predecessors Abe and Fukuda lasted less than a year each as leaders. A series of unprovoked murders have led to speculation that a lack of job security is leading to the alienation of Japanese youth.

What is the role of law in these (and other) crises? Is it cause or cure, solution or problem? How do Japanese institutions and processes compare with those in other countries in dealing with such crises?

ANJeL welcomes paper proposals from its members and the academic community interested in exploring these questions. Please submit inquiries and paper proposals to

Time: 2.00 - 5.00pm

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Email: 2b767a2218252b555f18081f37330b482a0200