Judicial Values:Should Judges Just Apply the Law, or Should They Bring their own Values to the Task?

27 August 2009

The Sydney Writers' Festival in conjunction with the Julius Stone Institute, the Sydney Law School, and Monash University present a forum on judicial values hosted by Damien Carrick, from Radio National's The Law Report On Judicial Values. It asks: Should judges just apply the law - or should they bring their own values to the task?

This event is now closed.

Guest Speakers

Bernhard Schlink, former Judge, Professor of Law, and author of The Reader

Michael Kirby, former Justice of the High Court of Australia

Professor Reg Graycar, Sydney Law School

Professor Justin Malbon, Monash University

The High Court attracted enormous criticism after the Mabo and Wik decisions for appearing to change the law to suit the personal values of the (unelected) judges. Judges during the Nazi and South African apartheid eras were criticised for merely applying the law, and were accused of being accomplices to those grotesque regimes. So what should judges do? Should they apply their "judicial values" to their judicial tasks?

Time: 5.30-7pm (registration from 5pm, seminar from 6-7pm)

Location: Sydney Law School, Building F10, Eastern Avenue, University of Sydney

Cost: Full Registration - $35 inc gst; Concession - $15 inc gst

Contact: Event Coordinator

Phone: 9351 0238

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