Presentation - Skin temperature, sleep and vigilance connections

2 September 2014


Dr Chris Gordon, Sydney Nursing School and Woolcock Institute of Medical Research


Christopher Gordon has been a registered nurse since 1990, working mainly in acute and intensive care in metropolitan and rural hospitals. He has a broad range of university and clinical teaching involving nursing, allied health and exercise science students. His teaching interests entail physiology, pathophysiology and advanced clinical assessment. He has a particular interest in simulation research and the interplay of stress and performance. His research focusses sleep and body temperature in normal and sleep disorders, and the use of body temperature as a biomarker of alertness and phenotyping.

Hosted bythe Woolcock Institute

Time: 8.45am

Location: Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, Level 5 Theatre 1, 431 Glebe Point Road, Glebe 2037

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