Lecture - Sleep, respiratory chemoreflexes and cerebral blood flow

29 April 2014


Professor James Duffin, Toronto University

Professor James Duffin is a world leading expert in ventilatory control research, including ventilatory chemoreflexes/modeling, ventilatory and cerebral blood flow responses to hypoxia and hypercapnia etc. He has more than 200 journal publications, mostly in respiratory control field. Many world famous ventilatory control researchers were his students or worked with him at some stage. He also has strong Biomedical-Engineer background. He set up a few methods of testing ventilatory chemoreflexes. He is a Senior Editor of J Physiol, and Reviewing Editor of J Physiol, J App Physiol, and Resp Physiol & Neuro.

There will be coffee/muffin available after his talk.

Hosted bythe Woolcock Institute

Time: 8.45am

Location: Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, Level 5 Theatre 1, 431 Glebe Point Road, Glebe 2037

Email: 5358551f552e6810270637552d053143320b22340077001705782a02