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Lecture - Sleep, respiratory chemoreflexes and cerebral blood flow   View Summary
29 April 2014


Professor James Duffin, Toronto University

Professor James Duffin is a world leading expert in ventilatory control research, including ventilatory chemoreflexes/modeling, ventilatory and cerebral blood flow responses to hypoxia and hypercapnia etc. He has more than 200 journal publications, mostly in respiratory control field. Many world famous ventilatory control researchers were his students or worked with him at some stage. He also has strong Biomedical-Engineer background. He set up a few methods of testing ventilatory chemoreflexes. He is a Senior Editor of J Physiol, and Reviewing Editor of J Physiol, J App Physiol, and Resp Physiol & Neuro.

There will be coffee/muffin available after his talk.

Hosted bythe Woolcock Institute

Seminar - Developmental origins of health and disease   View Summary
1 May 2014


Dr Kyra Sim, Charles Perkins Centre

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Hosted by theBoden Institute

Seminar - Glycinergic synapses in the spinal cord: their relevance to chronic pain and its treatment   View Summary
2 May 2014


Professor Joseph Lynch, University of Queensland

Hosted by theBosch Institute

Medicine and Dentistry information evening   View Summary
7 May 2014

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Thinking of applying to study graduate medicine or dentistry at Sydney Medical School or Faculty of Dentistry?

The evening will provide an overview of the graduate entry medicine (MD) and dentistry (DMD) programs, as well as up to date information on the application process and advice on preparing for the (much feared) Multiple Mini Interviews.

Lecture - Treating Syria's war-wounded in Israel   View Summary
8 May 2014

Presented by Dr Michael Harari, Emergency Medicine Specialist, Ziv Medical Centre, Northern Israel.

Seminar - Age-related dementia: the brain is destroyed by the pulse   View Summary
9 May 2014


Professor Jonathan Stone, Discipline of Physiology, School of Medical Sciences and the Bosch Institute

Hosted by theBosch Institute

Seminar - Global competition: Local benefit   View Summary
16 May 2014


Professor John Hearn, Discipline of Physiology, School of Medical Sciences

Hosted by theBosch Institute

Paediatric Refugee Health Conference 2014   View Summary
16 May 2014

Celebrating the Health Assessment for Refugee Kids (HARK's) 10th year

OZWAC Disco Fever Charity Ball   View Summary
17 May 2014
Dr Lisa Lampe from Discipline of Psychiatry will teach how to apply effective strategies to manage excessive worry and anxiety and to boost productivity in this 3-week evening workshop series. 10% discount is available to staff members.
Seminar - Gene therapy for brain white matter diseases   View Summary
23 May 2014


Associate ProfessorMatthias Klugmann, University ofNew South Wales

Hosted by theBosch Institute

Seminar - Providing an integrative perspective of biological systems using computer simulations   View Summary
30 May 2014


Dr Mark Read, Charles Perkins Centre

Hosted by theBosch Institute

Workshop - Clinical trials: the essentials    View Summary
11 June 2014

This workshop will develop participants' skills in: reading clinical trials; interpreting results of clinical trials; designing and setting up simple clinical trials; managing the practicalities of clinical trials; understanding design features important for minimising bias; writing up clinical trials for publication.

Workshop - Systematic reviews   View Summary
20 June 2014

The objectives of this workshop are to enable clinicians to: identify and find good quality systematic reviews; interpret the results of systematic reviews; understand the process involved in completing a systematic review; start the process of learning how to do their own systematic review

16th International Amine Oxidase Conference   View Summary
15 July 2014 to 17 July 2014

This conference will focus on the physiological and pathophysiological roles of flavin-dependent and copper-dependent amine oxidases, with a particular focus on the clinical relevance of inhibitors of these enzymes. Amine oxidases play critical roles in CNS physiological processes, inflammation, fibrosis, cancer and metabolic disorders, and the meeting will be structured to facilitate the advancement of knowledge in these areas.

Global Community Engaged Medical Education Muster   View Summary
27 October 2014 to 30 October 2014
'The Muster' will bring together internationally recognised leaders in community engaged medical education and will continue to stimulate important discussions about key concepts and practices at the forefront of medical education: Longitudinal Learning, Community Engagement, Social Accountability and Aboriginal Health.
Colloquium - Centre for Research Excellence in Critical Infection   View Summary
17 November 2014 to 21 November 2014
The CRE Colloquium will begin with the annual Short Course in Critical Infection.