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December 2014
Rapid bird evolution after the age of dinosaurs   View Summary
12 December 2014
Birds diversified after dinosaur extinction. Image by Jon Fjeldså.The most ambitious genetic study ever undertaken on bird evolution has found that almost all modern birds diversified after the dinosaurs became extinct 66 million years ago.
November 2014
Year of honours for talented evolutionary biologist   View Summary
12 November 2014
Simon Ho is the 2014 NSW Young Tall Poppy of the YearThe School of Biological Science's Associate Professor Simon Ho was last night named the NSW Young Tall Poppy of the Year.
September 2014
Simon Ho wins Eureka Prize for Outstanding Early Career Researcher   View Summary
11 September 2014
Australian Museum Eureka PrizesAssociate Professor Simon Ho has won the Eureka Prize for Outstanding Early Career Researcher for his work on molecular clocks. The Australian Museum Eureka Prizes are the country's most comprehensive national science awards.
August 2014
Theses from MEEP PhD students   View Summary
30 August 2014
Martyna MolakMEEP member Martyna Molak has been awarded her PhD, while Luana Lins has submitted her PhD thesis.
July 2014
MEEP runs workshop on phylogenetics   View Summary
22 July 2014
PhylogeneticsMembers of the MEEP lab ran a 2-day workshop on phylogenetic analysis, attended by 40 researchers from a range of institutions.
MEEP at the Genetics Society of Australasia Conference   View Summary
13 July 2014
Genetics Society of Australasia8 members of the MEEP lab attended the Genetics Society of Australasia Conference, held in Sydney.
June 2014
New study of evolutionary rates in viruses   View Summary
8 June 2014
Influenza virusSebastian Duchene and Simon Ho, together with colleague Eddie Holmes, have published a paper on viral evolutionary rates in Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B. This paper has important implications for our understanding of the evolutionary rates and timescales of viruses.
April 2014
MEEP student Martyna Molak submits her PhD thesis   View Summary
28 April 2014
Martyna MolakMEEP student Martyna Molak has submitted her PhD thesis, entitled "Evolutionary Analysis of Ancient DNA Sequences".
March 2014
The MEEP lab welcomes three new PhD students   View Summary
3 March 2014
MEEP labThree PhD students have commenced their studies in the MEEP lab in 2014.
ClockstaR: New software from MEEP   View Summary
1 March 2014
BioinformaticsMembers of the MEEP lab have published ClockstaR, a new R package for relaxed-clock phylogenetics.