2018 News archive

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October 2018
Workshop: Taming the BEAST Down Under   View Summary
16 October 2018
Taming the BEAST Down UnderTaming the BEAST Down Under will be held at the University of Sydney in February 2019.
April 2018
MEEP PhD student profiled in Australian Geographic   View Summary
28 April 2018
Australian GeographicMEEP PhD Student Perry Beasley-Hall has been profiled in Australian Geographic and interviewed on ABC radio.
Solving the mystery of the Australian Museum's moa   View Summary
23 April 2018
MoaA Denison Research Scholarship student, hosted by the MEEP lab, has solved the mystery of a moa specimen found hanging in a locker in the Australian Museum.
Increased inbreeding reduces the racing performance of Thoroughbred horses   View Summary
19 April 2018
Thoroughbred racehorsesA scientific study involving researchers in the MEEP lab has uncovered breeding strategies to improve the athletic success of Thoroughbred racehorses.
March 2018
Three MEEP students receive their PhDs   View Summary
19 March 2018
University of SydneyThree students from the MEEP lab have been awarded their doctorates.