Suzie Ferrie - 2014 PG Travelling Scholarship Winner

22 September 2014

Thanks to the SMB I was able to attend the 2014 Annual Scientific Meeting of the European Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, which was held on 5-9th September in Geneva. My abstract was accepted for oral presentation and I was lucky enough to be selected as number two in the top three abstracts of the congress, we three had our own special plenary session to present to the full congress assembly. There was a lot of interest in my study as I had used bedside ultrasound in the ICU to measure muscle thickness and this is a relatively new method in hospital research, discussed in two of the congress seminars I attended. There were also excellent seminars on trace element requirements in critical care, energy expenditure measurement in ICU, and gut dysfunction in critical illness. The controversial findings of a couple of recent clinical trials were discussed with the actual study authors present to give insights into the factors influencing the results. It was amazing to have the opportunity to meet some of the world-famous names in medical nutrition research, in such a big international meeting with around 3000 delegates from over 90 countries.