iGEM wins a Gold medal at the 2015 Giant Jamboree in Boston

16 October 2015

Congratulations to the USyd iGEM team on their gold medal performance at the 2015 Giant Jamboree in Boston. The team were nominated as finalists in the categories Best Modelling, Best Integrated Human Practices and Best Education and Public Engagement. These nominations mean that USyd was placed in the top 5 out of 144 undergraduate teams from around the world.

The team was working in the Coleman lab, developing improved codon optimisation methods to enable expression of enzymes of interest to biocatalysis. The team also worked overtime on science outreach activities within the University, and at schools and community organisations.

You can check out their project here.

Contact: Dr Nick Coleman

Phone: 02 9351 6047

Email: 5d580f2406590e29692a161e2f0a4e297042483039544b580e27124c081e