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  • 6 things you didn't know about sugar[10 April 2017]


    The University of Sydney recently hosted a Health Forum on 'Big sugar' where a panel of our experts discussed the issues surrounding sugar. We asked our panelists to give us their top insights into things we might not know about sugar. More

  • Celebrating our 2016 graduates[31 March 2017]

    image of Professor Iqbal Ramzan, Dina Kayali and Pro-Chancellor, Dr Barry Catchlove AM

    On Thursday 9 March, we welcomed graduates and their guests to the University of Sydney graduation ceremony to celebrate the achievements of four Master of Philosophy students, 18 Graduate Certificate in Pharmacy Practice students, 221 Bachelor of Pharmacy students (incl 26 Honours), 64 Master of Pharmacy students, and 25 Doctor of Philosophy students - an unprecedented number of PhD graduates for the Faculty of Pharmacy. More

  • How a pharmacy degree led to a tech career at PwC[31 March 2017]

    2016 graduates

    Choosing an undergraduate degree can be intimidating when you are completing your high school studies and you might be unsure of where you want your career to lead you. Many of us have struggled to make a decision about what we would like to study when we are caught up in our high school studies. More

  • 3D liver model to test nanoparticle safety[28 March 2017]

    3D liver model

    Meet pharmacist, nanosafety student and award-winner for reducing the use of animals in research, Dipesh Khanal. More

  • Pharma funding biases results of drug trials [22 February 2017]

    Pharma funding biases results of drug trials

    Industry-sponsored studies are more likely to favour products of pharmaceuticals and medical devices than non-industry funded research, a new study reveals. More

  • 5 reasons to study pharmacy at the University of Sydney [9 February 2017]

    5 reasons to study

    Why should you study pharmacy with Australia's first pharmacy school? We asked our current students and alumni why they chose to study pharmacy at the University of Sydney. Here's their top 5 reasons to study pharmacy with us. More

  • Learn about the Wingara Mura-Bunga Barrabugu program[24 January 2017]

    WMBB program

    Our Bachelor of Pharmacy student, Alex Burke talks about his experiences with the Wingara Mura-Bunga Barrabugu program and why he thinks it's important. More

  • Commercial interests may drown out patients' voices[19 January 2017]

    patient advocacy group

    University of Sydney and Bond University researchers have called for greater independence and transparency around industry-sponsored patient advocacy groups, following growing evidence raising questions over potential bias. More

  • The Faculty of Pharmacy to offer Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Complementary Medicines[4 January 2017]

    Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Complementary Medicines

    The Faculty of Pharmacy will be offering a Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Complementary Medicines from 2018. More

  • Tribute to Dr David J Cutler[15 December 2016]

    Dr David J Cutler

    Dr David Cutler, pharmacy academic over many decades in the Department (later Faculty) of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney, passed away on 5 November 2016. David is probably best remembered by the many pharmacists to whom he taught the fundamental concepts of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. He is also remembered by many as a thought leader, mentor and friend. More

  • NHMRC Grant Success[8 December 2016]

    NHMRC grant

    The Faculty of Pharmacy congratulates its researchers for their success in the recent NHMRC grant round. More

  • Faculty researchers present at AAPS meeting[25 November 2016]


    Pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney use creativity and innovation to develop and deliver solutions to Australian and global health challenges. More