2017 Tom Watson Oration

12 September 2017

Image: 2017 Tom Watson Oration
Image: 2017 Tom Watson Oration

The 2017 Tom Watson Oration was recently delivered by Professor Deanna Kroetz from the University of California, San Francisco at the University of Sydney.

The Tom Watson Oration celebrates the achievements and contributions of the late Emeritus Professor Thomas R Watson (1927-2012) in the field of pharmacy. It was founded in 2014 and is held annually.

Professor Kroetz is an expert in genetic variation and drug toxicity. Her presentation covered the science and clinical evidence guiding the impact of a person's genetic make-up and how this can be used to guide drug and dose selection of medicines for treatment across a range of clinical areas.

Professor Kroetz's involvement in the Clinical Pharcacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) offered a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities in linking pharmacogenomics with clinical practice to enhance care. However, she noted that the controversary to adopt pharmacogenomic information into clinician decision making remains an issue between some clinican groups.

This year's Oration was well attended and received active engagement from the audience. Of particular interest was the influence of pharmacogenomics in Australia on patient care and privacy and Professor Kroetz's research around germline assosciations and somatic mutations.

The impact on the health system investment in medicine costs involving pharmacogenomics also sparked discussion.

Professor Kroetz demonstrated how cutting edge science and innovation in pharmacy can have a major impact on human health.