Academic appointed to top national advisory committee

6 March 2013

Associate Professor Jane Hanrahan has been appointed to the federal government's Advisory Committee on Prescription Medicines (ACPM) this year, to provide expert advice on matters concerning prescription medications in Australia.

The ACPM is a senior body that advises and makes recommendations to the Department of Health and Ageing's Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) on which prescription medicines should appear on the Australian Therapeutic Good Register.

The prestigious Committee consists of 30 senior professionals in the Australian healthcare community, including mostly doctors, academics and specialists.

Associate Professor Hanrahan, an expert in pharmaceutical chemistry, was appointed specifically to analyse information supplied by pharmaceutical companies about a drug's pharmaceutical properties, and provide advice to the committee on its quality and whether their claims are appropriate based on the evidence.

Her selection to the ACPM was a particularly distinctive achievement as she became one of the very few non-clinical committee members, providing insight from her experience in the field of research.

It is the first time a non-clinical academic from the Faculty of Pharmacy has sat on the Committee.

The Dean of Pharmacy, Professor Iqbal Ramzan congratulated Associate Professor Hanrahan on her appointment. "It is an extremely prestigious responsibility and the Faculty is proud her knowledge is being sought at this very high level," said Professor Ramzan.

"It is great recognition for not only Jane but the entire research arm of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney," said Prof Ramzan. "We have more than 40 academics here conducting world-leading research into the science and practice of pharmacy, so it's wonderful to see that nebula of expertise being valued by highly important national authorities, such as the ACPM."

Associate Professor Hanrahan wasn't the only one at the Faculty being called on for expert opinion; just last week, colleagueAssociate Professor Sallie Pearson and Professor Ramzan met with Senator the Hon Kim Carr to discuss strengthening collaboration between the government and academic researchers.

Professor Ramzan along with the Faculty's Professor of Pharmacy (Aged Care), Andrew McLachlan and Professor of Pharmaceutical Neuroscience, Professor Mary Collins meanwhile also sit on the related ACPM Pharmaceutical Subcommittee.

The ACPM replaced the Australia Drug Evaluation Committee in 2010 and meets roughly every two months in Canberra to keep the Register up-to-date with current therapeutics.

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