University of Sydney Pharmacy Alumni listed in BRW most Innovative companies

16 December 2013

Webstercare has been named as Australia's sixth most innovative company for 2013 in the annual Business Review Weekly (BRW) 50 Most Innovative Companies survey.

University of Sydney Pharmacy alumni Gerard Stevens, founder and managing director of Webstercare, has introduced innovations in medication management for more than 30 years. His innovations are used within the pharmacy, aged care, community and health sectors.

Webstercare's innovative MedsPro System was highlighted by BRW. The system utilises the Virtual Pill Count - software that uses barcode scanning to identify patients, check the picking and packing of medications, and automate ordering and restocking.

Mr Stevens said that he was delighted at the recognition.

"Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Webstercare. From the initial development of the Webster-pak systems through to more recent software innovations, Webstercare is driven by a culture of solving problems that people have when managing their medication.

"Pharmacists are also a crucial part of the process, playing a strong role in providing feedback which in turn is used in the innovation process" he said.

Gerard was previously acknowledged in 2003 by the University of Sydney and Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (NSW Branch), with an Award for Excellence in Pharmacy Practice.