George Adattini awarded NSW Pharmacy Student of the Year

3 June 2014

Final year Bachelor of Pharmacy student George Adattini has been awarded the NSW Pharmacy Student of the Year award.

George was presented the award at the reception for the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia's (PSA) Clinical and Practice Expo (CPExpo) on Saturday and will now compete against other states' winners for the national title at the Pharmacy Australia Congress (PAC) in Canberra in October.

PSA NSW president John Bronger said the competition this year had again been of an exceptionally high standard.

"Each and every finalist is a credit to the profession and clearly the future of pharmacy is in fine hands," Mr Bronger said.

"It is wonderful to see just how skilled and dedicated these young pharmacists of the future are. They have communications skills that are very advanced and they engage with the consumer and ask all the right questions to ensure the advice they give is appropriate and targeted."

Mr Bronger said there was a personal note of satisfaction in this year's winner in the fact that Mr Addatini was one of his employees.

"George has worked for me and my wife, Lyn, for a number of years," he said.

"George joined us as a first-year first year student and has proved to be a very competent and enthusiastic member of our team. He has the characteristics, commitment and enthusiasm needed to make a very good pharmacist."

Mr Addatini said he was honoured by his win.

"This is a huge recognition for me, especially given the calibre of the other contestants," he said.

"I owe a great debt of thanks to John and Lyn Bronger for being able to work in a pharmacy that has a professional services and customer focus. This has helped me develop professionally and given me a focus for my future career."

George had previously won the prestigious University of Sydney 2014 Pharmacy Student of the Year (PSOTY) competition and then went on to compete at the state level.

Organised by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, this national competition involves students acting out scenarios in front of an audience to demonstrate their communication skills and clinical knowledge. The competition is open to all final year pharmacy students.

The winner of the national competition receives a grant to attend an international pharmacy conference of their choice.

The University of Sydney had seven students enter the heats prior to the state level competition, with Amy Thomson (4th year BPharm), George Adattini (4th year BPharm) and Bayan Hosseini (2nd year MPharm) selected to go through to the final.