Are you a science graduate looking for a rewarding career?

6 December 2017

Explore the career paths you could travel as a pharmacist

Are you in your final undergraduate year or have you recently graduated? If so, you might be asking yourself - what's next?

For those of you who have no idea what you're going to do, don't panic. Unlike professional degrees such as dentistry or law, science degrees don't have a set career roadmap.

One option you might like to consider is that your science degree has equipped you with the skills, knowledge and subject prerequisites to undertake further study towards a lucrative future in pharmacy.

With a growing elderly population and considerable advances being made in the development of pharmaceuticals, pharmacy is expanding into new and innovative areas.

A Master of Pharmacy opens up a range of career options

To many of us, a pharmacist stands behind a counter wearing a white coat as they fill prescriptions or offer advice on treating common illnesses.

While community pharmacy is a popular choice, University of Sydney Master of Pharmacy students graduate as registered pharmacists with a wide variety of career opportunities ahead of them. These include:

  • Community pharmacy positions (community practice)
  • Research positions at academic and research institutions
  • Hospital pharmacy positions
  • Pharmaceutical industry positions in drug development, regulatory affairs or marketing.

More than ever before, our graduates are embracing rewarding work in these areas. These roles are not only filled with exciting possibilities - they're also financially rewarding.

Hear from our graduates





Dina Kayali, graduated 2006

For University of Sydney pharmacy graduate Dina Kayali, her career in retail and community pharmacy quickly moved into product and business development.

She's now thriving as a business development manager at Pfizer Australia.

"My role involves company strategic planning and development as well as negotiation and relationship building with other pharmaceutical companies," says Dina. "It's multi-faceted, fast-paced and at the cutting edge of science, medicine, and technology."


Anne Nguyen, graduated 2008

With many multinational pharmaceutical companies based overseas, our graduates are also welcoming international opportunities.

Anne Nguyen combines her love of science and passion for helping people in her role as project leader for Boston Consultancy Group, New York.

"I collaborate with great people solving complex problems across a wide range of industries," says Anne. "For example, recently I worked strategically to drive growth for a leading pharmacy. This involved designing and testing a solution in 85 stores before rolling it out countrywide. I've also worked with global heads of manufacturing to improve a biopharma company's organisational structure as well as retailers, a global health foundation, a media company and even an art school."


Abbie Lawrie, graduated 2009

For graduate, Abbie Lawrie combining her background in pharmacy with her interest in finance was a given.

Abbie now works in a venture capital role at GlaxoSmithKline, London as part of their Esprit Finance program.

"I'm really excited to be at GlaxoSmithKline," says Abbie. "I'm involved in identifying and investing in novel therapeutics with the potential to revolutionise the way we treat certain diseases. My degree has really prepared me for this role. Those classes on drug discovery, formulation and development, and medicinal chemistry have been particularly helpful."

As our alumni show, there's no 'typical' pharmacy pathway.

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The Master of Pharmacy is a two-year degree by coursework. It advances your insight into the development of drugs, how medications affect the human body and how to communicate this information effectively.

Our graduates enter the workforce with confidence and essential hands-on experience gained through clinical placements across community, hospital and industry sectors.

Combined with your undergraduate science degree, the Master of Pharmacy will open up multiple job opportunities and provide for a financially rewarding career.

Applications close 31 January each year for semester 1 intake.