Asthma research boosted by NSW Asthma Foundation

6 March 2009

Photo of asthsa inhaler. Image copyright Stuart Key
Photo of asthsa inhaler. Image copyright Stuart Key

Researchers from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney are celebrating after receiving funding from the NSW Asthma Foundation, announced at the Foundation's Awards Night this week. Dr Maria Sukkar was awarded a $50,000 Sustainability Research Grant to investigate the processes that lead to abnormal airway muscle function in asthmatics, focussing on a particular protein which may lead to inflammation and thickening of the airway muscle. Dr Margaret Hughes and Professor Carol Armour from the Faculty, and colleague Dr Brian Oliver from the Discipline of Pharmacology have received a Research Support Grant of $25,000 for their project on corticosteroids, mast cells, airway smooth muscle and remodelling in asthma. The grant has the potential to lead to the development of agents to treat and prevent changes to the airways of people with asthma and thus limit the major damage occurring in their lungs. Dr Hughes comments, "Having this money enables us to test new innovative ideas in asthma therapies".

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