Anjana Rao named as University of Sydney's Pharmacy Student of the Year competitor

1 June 2009

Dr Chaar and Dr Moles practising new pharmacy case scenarios with Anjana Rao for the competition.
Dr Chaar and Dr Moles practising new pharmacy case scenarios with Anjana Rao for the competition.

Anjana Rao, Bachelor of Pharmacy 4th Year, has been named as the University of Sydney's representative in the state-wide Pharmacy Student of the Year competition run by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia. The University of Sydney competition was coordinated in the Faculty of Pharmacy by Dr Rebekah Moles, PhD student Claire O'Reilly, and Kevin Sam from the Sydney University Pharmacy Association. The competitors had to perform in several pharmacy case scenario role plays with actors taking the parts of patients. The 11 competitors were judged on their communication skills and their pharmacy knowledge. Lecturers in Pharmacy Practice, Dr Moles and Dr Betty Chaar, were two of the four competition judges. Dr Chaar noted "It was a very difficult choice as all candidates performed very well. Anjana was chosen for her presentation skills and accuracy in the information she delivered in a professional manner". Dr Moles praised Anjana's consistency saying "Anjana demonstrated the most consistent delivery and displayed good communication skills. This is really important for the state and national finals where you can get any type of scenario given to you".

Anjana will now go on to compete against other university finalists from New South Wales at the state-level competition which will be held at the forthcoming Pharmacy Expo in Sydney's Darling Harbour. Anjana will face competitors from the University of Newcastle and Charles Sturt University. The winner will be named as the Pharmacy Student of the Year for NSW and will go on to compete for the national title against all the other state finalists later in the year. Dr Chaar and Dr Moles are helping Anjana prepare for the state competition by practising new case scenarios with her and giving presentation advice. Dr Chaar knows that good preparation can pay dividends and helped coach last year's winner, she adds "We hope Anjana follows in the footsteps of her predecessor, Natalie Tasker, who went on to win the National Competition last year".

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