Inter-professional collaboration for asthma self-management

15 June 2009

Dr Sinthia Bosnic-Anticevich explaining asthma inhaler device use
Dr Sinthia Bosnic-Anticevich explaining asthma inhaler device use

Individual professions within the healthcare sector will be united for the first time to improve asthma care for patients as part of a new research initiative led by the Faculty of Pharmacy. The Department of Health and Ageing have granted $350,000 to Dr Sinthia Bosnic-Anticevich, Chief Investigator, to fund an 18 month Inter-professional Learning Demonstration Project which will develop a mechanism for inter-professional collaboration around asthma self-management.
The project is being run in partnership with the South East Sydney Division of General Practice and will target those professional groups already involved in asthma management, such as pharmacists, General Practitioners and asthma educators. However the project will also focus on engaging with those health professionals who have had little or no involvement in the past but who have been highlighted as a necessary part of a holistic asthma self- management model, such as practice nurses and psychologists.

With the support of the Division the new model will be implemented within the Division's area of responsibility and evaluated for impact, patient outcomes and professional relationships. Dr Bosnic-Anticevich, Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice, speaks enthusiastically about the scope of the project, "In practice, getting different professions to work together at the ground level is really challenging. It comes down to the complexities associated with relationships. This project will help to understand the basic building blocks of those relationships and strategies to overcome them". Dr Bosnic-Anticevich is joined on the project by collaborators from the Division, and Professor Carol Armour, Associate Professor Ines Krass, Dr Bandana Saini and Dr Lorraine Smith from the Faculty.

Dr Bosnic-Anticevich has also received $470,000 in Australian Research Council funding for improving professional relationships around inhaler device use in collaboration with the National Prescribing Service and Professor Carol Armour from the Faculty. Inhaler techique is vitally important to the success of asthma treatment, with up to 90% of patients failing to use their inhaler devices correctly, with implications on asthma control.

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