261 pharmacists graduate from the Faculty of Pharmacy

9 April 2010

Over a fifth of the 1,200 pharmacy students that graduate in Australia each year do so at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney. This year, on Friday the 19th March 2010, 282 new Pharmacy graduates were conferred with their degrees in the Great Hall by Professor McCallum, Chair of the Academic Board.

Guest Speaker, Emeritus Professor Lloyd Sansom, told graduates that it was both an exciting and challenging time for them to be entering the workplace. "Health care delivery is under great pressure" he said "but there will always be a need for therapeutics experts in the health care system." He cited the cost of healthcare, a greater emphasis on preventative healthcare and the appropriate use of new technologies as major issues for the new generation of pharmacists.

"In my life time I have seen the double helix become the genome and Buck Rogers manifest himself as Neil Armstrong on the surface of the moon. The advances in science and technology that you will experience and that will impact on your professional careers simply cannot be comprehended at this time. This will be particularly true in the area of health and diseaseā€¦ new knowledge will not only bring potential benefits but also considerable challenges for our society and globally" he said.

Speaking of the centuries old ritual and ceremony they had just experienced, Professor Sansom reminded graduates of the importance of ritual in their profession. " This ceremony represents much more than the receipt of a parchment which is the physical evidence of the satisfactory completion of your course. It is the start of a professional career in which you will be required to accept the responsibilities which come with being involved in health care delivery, research and teaching."

The ceremony conferred 282 degrees on graduates from the Bachelor of Pharmacy (232), Master of Pharmacy (29), Master of Herbal Medicines (4), Graduate Certificate in Herbal Medicines (1), Master of Philosophy (6) and Doctor of Philosophy (10).

Dr Erica Sainsbury, lecturer in Pharmacy Practice at the Faculty, was also admitted to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Her thesis examined 'A Socio-cultural Approach to Conceptual Change Learning in First Year Pharmacy Students.'

"Graduation is an extremely important milestone for our students and I am greatly pleased to see a good number of PhD and Master of Philosophy candidates graduating today' said Professor Iqbal Ramzan, Dean of Pharmacy. "I would especially like to congratulate our colleague Erica on her achievement and am delighted to see our postgraduate students reap the benefits of their hard work."

Professor Lloyd Sansom, is a member of several advisory committees to the Federal Government including the National Medicines Policy Executive as well as several international advisory committees. He holds the title of Emeritus Professor at the University of South Australia. He has published widely in his research interests of pharmacokinetics, biopharmaceutics and the Quality Use of Medicines. He was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia in June 2002 for contribution to pharmaceutical policy in Australia.

A number of industry representatives and representatives from professional bodies also attended the graduation ceremonies at the Dean's invitation, and many current and former academic staff took part in the academic profession and mingled with graduates following the official ceremony.

Pharmacy graduates from the University of Sydney have a wide variety of career choices open to them. Examples include retail pharmacy (community practice), hospital pharmacy, research positions within universities or research institutes, or positions in the pharmaceutical industry in drug production, marketing of drug development.

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