Medication Review - A Process Guide for Pharmacists

15 April 2010

Pictured from left to right: Dr Tim Chen, Dr Rebekah Moles, Dr Prasad Nishtala, Ben Basger
Pictured from left to right: Dr Tim Chen, Dr Rebekah Moles, Dr Prasad Nishtala, Ben Basger

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) has recently published the second edition 'Medication Review - A Process Guide for Pharmacists' written by Dr Tim Chen, Dr Rebekah Moles, Dr Prasad Nishtala and Mr Ben Basger from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney.

Following from the very popular first edition, and commonly referred to as the 'Blue Book', it provides a process-based approach to medication review based on adaptations of real case studies.

The book is designed for pharmacists, pharmacy students and others interested in learning about the process of conducting a medication review and draws on extensive teaching and research experience in the field.

"We hope that it will provide readers with an insight into the conduct of medication reviews and that this in turn leads to the conduct of more and better quality medication reviews for patients" says Dr Chen.

Medication review is a commonwealth funded collaborative service in Australia involving pharmacists, GPs and consumers. Engaging in medication review is directly in line with the National Medicines Policy, which has Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) as one of its four main elements. QUM refers to the judicious, appropriate, safe and efficacious use of medicines.

"Medication review is especially important and beneficial for elderly patients or those using a combination of different medicines" says Dr Chen, "Therapeutics is a dynamic field and as new evidence emerges, new and improved recommendations can be made."

Importantly, taking a 'medication team' approach has been recognised as a key strategy for achieving QUM and this book will also be of value to a broader health professional audience. The first edition of the 'Blue Book' is already extensively use as a textbook in many undergraduate pharmacy courses in Australian universities and is an important part of the curriculum.

Australia has been at the forefront of developing, implementing and evaluating collaborative professional pharmacy services designed to improve health outcomes for patients.

The book will be officially launched at the Pharmacy Expo in Sydney in June this year. To order a copy online, visit


Timothy F Chen
BPharm, DipHPharn, PhD, MPS, MSHP

Dr Tim Chen is a Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice, Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney. He has been training pharmacy students and pharmacists in medication review for more than a decade. He leads an active and productive research team and has published extensively in the scientific literature on medication review and psychotropic drug use.

Rebekah J Moles
BPharm, DipHPharm, PhD, G Cert Ed Stud (Higher Ed), MPS, FSHP

Dr Rebekah Moles is a Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice at the University of Sydney. Rebekah has a broad range of experience in both community and hospital pharmacy. Her research interests include medication education, review and reconciliation across the hospital interface as well as the quality use of medicines in children.

Prasad Nishtala
MPharm, Grad Dip Clin Pharm, PhD, AACPA, MPS

Dr Prasad Nishtala is a clinical pharmacist who has a broad range of experience in conducting Home Medicine Reviews and Residential Medication Management Reviews. Prasad holds a joint appointment at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney. His research interests include psychotropic medication use and mental health in older people.

Ben Basger
MSc, B Pharm, DipHPharm FPS, AACPA

Ben Basger is a community pharmacist in North Bondi. He also provides private hospital pharmacy services in the eastern Suburbs of Sydney. He has taught Pharmacy Practice part time at the University of Sydney since 1981. He has been accredited to perform medication reviews since 1997. He is currently working part time on a PhD, studying inappropriate use of medication in elderly Australians.

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