Faculty of Pharmacy a Founding Member of the National Alliance for Pharmacy Education (NAPE)

3 June 2010

The University of Sydney, Monash University, The University of Queensland and the University of South Australia have recently founded the National Alliance for Pharmacy Education (NAPE).

The vision of NAPE according to Professor Iqbal Ramzan, Dean of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney is "to support the on-going advancement of the pharmacy profession through provision of high quality, flexibly-delivered award courses, by leveraging the resources, experience and expertise from its University members."

"This is about the provision of quality pharmacy education from undergraduate, right through to postgraduate and continuing education level" says Professor Ramzan.

As the leading providers of integrated, research-led undergraduate and postgraduate pharmacy education in Australia, the founding members of NAPE aim to lead the development of new postgraduate units and awards and to foster the continuity of pharmacy education to meet the high demand by pharmacists for quality postgraduate education.

"We are anticipating increased demand for postgraduate award courses, for example demonstrating competency, credentialing or new models of practice in the future" says Professor Ramzan.

"Our first task will be to provide a standardised and consistent Intern Training Programme (ITP) at all member universities that will link undergraduate pharmacy education with postgraduate qualifications and that can be incorporated into coursework programs which will support and enhance pharmacy practice."

Each of the four universities have extensive experience with highly rated ITP and award coursework programs and will be sharing resources and expertise to support this vision. "It will be extremely advantageous for the profession to have a national registration framework, especially in a time of major sectoral change" says Professor Ramzan.

For more information on NAPE please contact:

Prof Iqbal Ramzan 02 9351 6950

Prof Bill Charman 03 9903 9519

Prof Nick Shaw 07 3346 1701

Prof Jason White 08 8302 1203

Contact: Claire Riordan

Phone: 02 9351 2311

Email: 291d370539227623385c1b0c271c3800380d5f23037f511e17431013