Ethics conference brings diverse professional fields together at the Faculty of Pharmacy

17 June 2010

Laureate Professor Peter Singer and Dr Betty Chaar
Laureate Professor Peter Singer and Dr Betty Chaar


Renewing the code of ethics for pharmacists in the wake of the recent changes to healthcare legislation will be among the topics considered at a wide-ranging ethics conference at the University of Sydney today and tomorrow.

World-renowned ethics expert and Laureate Professor Peter Singer will deliver a keynote address today on World Poverty: What are our obligations?

The Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics conference is being hosted by the Faculty of Pharmacy, under the theme Ethics in the Professional Life: Past, Present and Future.

The conference program crosses over into many other fields in addition to pharmacy, including bioethics, medical testing both on humans and animals, public health and medical ethics, media ethics and police ethics just to name a few.

Subjects being presented include:

  • Professional healthcare education: ethical competence and emotional intelligence as aspects of care
  • Pre-implant diagnosis - the perfect child
  • Revising the code of ethics for pharmacists
  • Direct to consumer advertising
  • Ethical issues arising from prohibitive taxes on tobacco consumption imposed by government
  • The limits of rationality in the face of death
  • Is technology good for us?
  • The ethics of animal research
  • The ethics of human research
  • Integrating ethics into pharmacy practice
  • On the justification of weapons research
  • The ethical challenges of new technologies
  • World poverty: what are our obligations?
  • Voluntary ethics reporting by ASX20 companies
  • Ethics and the sexualisation of children
  • Outing the Minister - In the public interest or green-washing dodgy ethics?

Conference organiser, Dr Betty Chaar from the Faculty of Pharmacy said the choice of theme for the conference was timely and necessary.

"Ethics is now a household word," she said.

"Parents and professionals, indeed many sections of the community, are currently involved in the debate about ethics possibly being a substitute to religion being taught at school.

"Ethics is an area of intellectual and moral deliberation that needs to be highlighted in all walks of life, but in particular in the professional life.

"The professional life is one that significantly impacts on others, which makes people accountable and responsible for whichever services they offer society.

"This conference is unique in that it is a debut for the profession of pharmacy to step forward and take a place front and centre in the ethical deliberations on healthcare.

"The aim is to encourage and inspire pharmacists to take a bold step forward as never before."

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