Pharmacy Alumni Association AGM - Monday 13 December 2010

4 November 2010

The Pharmacy Alumni Association will hold its Annual General Meeting on Monday 13th December at 10am. The AGM will be held at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Pharmacy and Bank Building (A15), Science Road at the University of Sydney. All pharmacy alumni are welcome to attend.

All students of the Faculty of Pharmacy automatically become members of the Pharmacy Alumni Association upon graduation. The Association promotes a lifelong connection to the Faculty and the University through a range of activities and programs.

The Executive Committee of the Alumni Association meets four times a year and organises a program of events and activities for Alumni in conjunction with the Faculty.

Executive Committee Members elected at the 2009 AGM were:

Ross Brown AM RFD ED HonMPharm HonFellow (Syd)

FPS FAICD (Materia Medica 1952)

Elie Abdallah (BPharm 2002)

Lillian Chen (BPharm 1990)

David Maxwell (BPharm 1996, DipHospPharm 1997)

Marisa Petersen (BPharm (Hons) 1978, PhD 1983)

Patti Payne OAM (Materia Medica 1958)

Lachlan Rose (BPharm 2004)

Being connected with the Alumni Association allows you to contact lost classmates and friends, network with other alumni and University staff, find jobs or suitable people to work for you and experts in specific fields, get updates on Faculty networking and event opportunities as well as help young pharmacists with their career development.

The Alumni Association is currently updating its contacts database. The database will be used for alumni event purposes, and will help the Association keep alumni up to date with Faculty and University news. Contact us with your current email address and become part of the alumni community once more.

It's easy to stay in the loop, simply contact the Pharmacy Alumni Association by email at with your name and date of graduation.

Contact: Claire Riordan

Phone: 02 9351 2311

Email: 265f2346233162151b0e395005202e1618291b0e3d5e3329111e2447