Pharmacy secures Chinese Studies Centre grant

17 June 2011

Dr Rebekah Moles, Dr Betty Chaar and Jonathan Penm from the Faculty of Pharmacy have been awarded a Chinese Studies Centre (CSC) grant to support their research looking at hospital pharmacists' influence on prescribing in the Western Pacific Region.

Their research project is based on the Basel Statements, which are consensus statements for the future hospital pharmacy ratified by 98 nations at the inaugural 2008 Global Conference on the Future of Hospital Pharmacy in Switzerland, Basel. The Basel Statements consist of 75 statements, split into different themes, which are all evidence based with a strong focus on medication safety.

Their project focuses on the seven statements under the theme 'pharmacists' influence on prescribing.' Due to the international scope of the Basel Statements, the research teams aim to look beyond Australia's borders and assess how hospital pharmacy practices influence prescribing in the whole Western Pacific Region (WPR).

The WPR is one of the six regions of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and consists of 37 member states and nearly one-third of the world's population. As China has over half the hospitals in the WPR, this research project will require strong collaboration with China to be successful.

The CSC grant will assist the team to foster and deepen the existing partnership they have with their colleagues in China and establish numerous links for future collaborative research. With the aid of the CSC grant, the research team aim to survey a representable sample of hospital pharmacy directors in China and remaining member states in the WPR to identify what hospital pharmacy practices are occurring and what are the facilitators and barriers to implementing them.

The research team hopes to identify hospital pharmacies that perform highly and provide valuable information for other hospitals to follow. Ultimately, it is envisioned that the Basel Statements and this research will lead towards the standardisation of hospital pharmacy practices worldwide and ensure all hospital pharmacists deliver optimal patient care.

The research team strongly encourages other researchers who are interested in China to consider applying for any of the numerous grants offered by the CSC:

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