97.7% of Pharmacy graduates secure full-time work

7 July 2011

This year's Graduate Careers Australia report has found that 97.7 per cent of pharmacy graduates are securing full-time work.

The report surveys about 100,000 university graduates and found that the number of graduates finding full-time work was down 10 per cent from a high of 85.2 per cent in 2008.

Pharmacy graduates however are an exception to the rule and have emerged unscathed despite the overall slump, and pharmacy has emerged as one of the best professions to pursue to guarantee full-time work.

Professor Iqbal Ramzan, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy said: "The opportunities to work in the pharmacy profession are plentiful and varied. I am pleased to see this reflected in the Graduate Careers Australia survey.

"Graduates entering the pharmacy industry will play a key role in primary health care and helping to improve the well being of the nation. Full-time work opportunities range from being a community or hospital pharmacist, working for government agencies or pharmaceutical corporations, through to undertaking vital research which contributes to community care."

The Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney is recognised as one of the leading centres for Pharmacy education in Australia and enjoys an outstanding national and international reputation for research and innovation. The University of Sydney has two industry-accredited courses leading towards professional registration as a pharmacist. Course information available here.

Source: Graduate Careers Australia, Graduate Destinations 2011
Source: Graduate Careers Australia, Graduate Destinations 2011

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