More funding success for Pharmacy at the University of Sydney

17 November 2011

The Australian Research Council(ARC) announced that 17 University of Sydney academicshave been successful in the 'Future Fellowships' scheme, which aims to support mid-career researchers.

One of the academics to be awarded this very prestigious national competitive fellowship, is Associate Professor Paul Young, from the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Associate Professor Young's project is entitled 'An attack from all angles! Multiphase particle systems that target respiratory infection.' The project has received total funding of $802, 976 over five years.

This project will result in advanced inhaled medicines for lung infection. Micron sized-particles will be engineered to have sustained drug release when deposited at sites of infection, yet avoid natural clearance and defence mechanisms. To study these systems, a series of characterisations, in vitro cell and in silico tools will be developed.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Jill Trewhellacongratulated all successful applicants.

"Their achievement bodes well not only for research at the University of Sydney but also for Australia more widely, and indicates that we are realising our aim to identify and nurture the best research talent," said Professor Trewhella.

In addition to receiving funding via ARC's Future Fellowship scheme, a number of other academics within the faculty have been successful in the recently announced Australian Research Council Discovery Projects funding round.

These include:

Professor Hak-Kim Chan for his project, 'production of nano-composite particles for inhalational delivery of combination drugs.'

The project seeks to create a new particle engineering process for pharmaceuticals. The successful outcome will enhance substantially the competitiveness of Australia's research in functional nanomaterials and advanced biomaterials, and benefit the Australian pharmaceutical industry in developing proprietary pharmaceutical formulations.

Total $320,000.00

Dr Daniela Traini and Associate Professor Paul M Young for their project, 'treating tuberculosis: targeted delivery of multidrug nano-suspensions.'

Tuberculosis (TB) is a lung disease of worldwide prevalence. Treatment times are long and mortality is high in children and the elderly. Current treatments are ineffective and drug resistant TB is a real pandemic threat. The project will develop a cost-effective nano-particle system that can be incorporated into conventional nebulisers for use worldwide.

Total $325,000.00

Associate Professor Paul M Young, Dr Daniela Traini, Professor Peter J Stewart, Associate Professor Damon R Honnery for their project, 'multi-drug dry powder inhalation systems for the effective treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.'

Utilising a combination of particle engineering, computer modeling, rapid prototyping and high-speed 3D imaging this project will develop a novel approach to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. A multi-drug particle system whose surface is independent

of the drugs incorporated will be optimised in a novel high efficiency inhalation device.

Total $355,000.00

Professor Iqbal Ramzan, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy said: "Competitive research grants are a critical part of our research effort at the faculty. I am delighted these ground breaking research projects have been recognised by the ARC and have received funding that will assist in innovation in drug delivery."

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