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December 2017
Tribute to Dr Jack Thomas OAM   View Summary
15 December 2017
Dr Jack Thomas OAMWith Dr Jack Thomas OAM's passing we remember a renowned academic who had a significant influence on pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy education in the UK and Australia over many decades.
Complementary medicines: the next big thing in community pharmacy   View Summary
8 December 2017
Complementary medicinesThe ever-increasing use of complementary medicines has become a hot topic among Australian primary healthcare professionals, pharmacists, policy makers, and the media. Learn more about the Graduate Certificate in Evidence-based Complementary Medicines commencing in 2018.
Are you a science graduate looking for a rewarding career?   View Summary
6 December 2017
Pharmacy studentUnlike professional degrees such as dentistry or law, science degrees don't have a set career roadmap. One option you might like to consider is to undertake further study towards a lucrative future in pharmacy.
October 2017
What does studying HDR in pharmacy look like?   View Summary
17 October 2017
What does studying HDR in pharmacy look like?Some of our research students share their experiences studying and conducting pharmacy research at the University of Sydney.
September 2017
I study Pharmacy and Management - Andrew Klass   View Summary
26 September 2017
Andrew, Bachelor of Pharmacy and Management studentWe asked our Bachelor of Pharmacy and Management student, Andrew for his experience studying at the University of Sydney.
I study Pharmacy and Management - Sunny Manon   View Summary
26 September 2017
Andrew, Bachelor of Pharmacy and Management studentWe asked our Bachelor of Pharmacy and Management student, Sunny for his experience studying at the University of Sydney.
I study Pharmacy - Meena Eld    View Summary
26 September 2017
Meena Eld Meet Meena Eld, a Bachelor of Pharmacy student with the University of Sydney. She shares with us some of her experiences studying pharmacy.
Surprising things pharmacists do    View Summary
25 September 2017
PharmacistsWe all know that we can head to the pharmacy to get our prescriptions filled, but registered pharmacists have a wealth of healthcare knowledge ready to share and make our life that little bit more convenient.
2017 Tom Watson Oration   View Summary
12 September 2017
2017 Tom Watson Oration The 2017 Tom Watson Oration was recently delivered by Professor Deanna Kroetz from the University of California, San Francisco at the University of Sydney.
Explainer: How drug companies promote their products to health professionals   View Summary
10 September 2017
Drug companies promotionThe Evidence, Influence and Policy Collaborative, led by Professor Lisa Bero, study how the pharmaceutical industry maintains a pervasive commercial presence in everyday clinical practice. Find out what recent changes in transparency policy mean for consumers, and how to identify the pharmaceutical sponsored events in your area.
August 2017
Tribute to the University of Sydney alumna, Maxine Goodman   View Summary
24 August 2017
Maxine GoodmanThe University of Sydney alumna, Maxine Goodman passed away on the 30th July 2017. Maxine was a proud pharmacist and pharmacy leader who achieved much and influenced many. She will be missed and she leaves an important legacy.
Complementary Medicines course begins in 2018   View Summary
22 August 2017
Complementary MedicinesPharmacists will have the opportunity to complete a Graduate Certificate of Complementary Medicine in 2018.
SOAR Fellows solving real world health problems   View Summary
14 August 2017
galaxyOur Sydney Research Accelerator (SOAR) Fellows across health have been busy in their first year furthering their research in areas such as melanoma prevention, multiple sclerosis, back pain and smoke inhalation injury treatment. We caught up with a few of our SOAR Fellows to explain what their research is about and the wider impact it could have.
$5.4m boost for Sydney dementia research   View Summary
7 August 2017
Dementia researchCongratulations to Dr Danijela Gnjidic, who was awarded a $719,637 grant to optimise pharmaceutical care for people with dementia in acute care settings.
July 2017
Tribute to Dr Adrian John Ryan    View Summary
7 July 2017
dr adrian ryan Dr Adrian Ryan former Reader, Head of the Department of Pharmacy and former member of Senate of the University of Sydney passed away on the 9 June 2017.
June 2017
Researchers win grant to fight superbugs   View Summary
7 June 2017
fighting superbugsProfessor Hak-Kim Chan and Dr Wojciech Chrzanowski from Pharmacy have been granted $511,923 by the Australian Research Council to use nano-technology to more effectively treat respiratory infections caused by multidrug-resistant bacteria.
Australian first: novel app to help young people control asthma   View Summary
5 June 2017
Mobile appA new mobile application (app) launched on World Asthma Day will support young people to manage their asthma and improve their quality of life.
May 2017
6 things we discovered about studying pharmacy   View Summary
22 May 2017
15 questions with Filmed in one single shot, we asked Gloria Mirzaei, a Bachelor of Pharmacy student, 15 questions about studying pharmacy at the University of Sydney.
New drugs on the PBS: what they do and why we need them   View Summary
5 May 2017
Pharmacy drugsDr Nial Wheate from the Faculty of Pharmacy discusses the seven most notable new additions to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.
April 2017
6 things you didn't know about sugar   View Summary
10 April 2017
SugarThe University of Sydney recently hosted a Health Forum on 'Big sugar' where a panel of our experts discussed the issues surrounding sugar. We asked our panelists to give us their top insights into things we might not know about sugar.
March 2017
Celebrating our 2016 graduates   View Summary
31 March 2017
image of Professor Iqbal Ramzan, Dina Kayali and Pro-Chancellor, Dr Barry Catchlove AMOn Thursday 9 March, we welcomed graduates and their guests to the University of Sydney graduation ceremony to celebrate the achievements of four Master of Philosophy students, 18 Graduate Certificate in Pharmacy Practice students, 221 Bachelor of Pharmacy students (incl 26 Honours), 64 Master of Pharmacy students, and 25 Doctor of Philosophy students - an unprecedented number of PhD graduates for the Faculty of Pharmacy.
How a pharmacy degree led to a tech career at PwC   View Summary
31 March 2017
2016 graduatesChoosing an undergraduate degree can be intimidating when you are completing your high school studies and you might be unsure of where you want your career to lead you. Many of us have struggled to make a decision about what we would like to study when we are caught up in our high school studies.
3D liver model to test nanoparticle safety   View Summary
28 March 2017
3D liver modelMeet pharmacist, nanosafety student and award-winner for reducing the use of animals in research, Dipesh Khanal.
February 2017
Pharma funding biases results of drug trials    View Summary
22 February 2017
Pharma funding biases results of drug trialsIndustry-sponsored studies are more likely to favour products of pharmaceuticals and medical devices than non-industry funded research, a new study reveals.
5 reasons to study pharmacy at the University of Sydney    View Summary
9 February 2017
5 reasons to studyWhy should you study pharmacy with Australia's first pharmacy school? We asked our current students and alumni why they chose to study pharmacy at the University of Sydney. Here's their top 5 reasons to study pharmacy with us.
January 2017
Learn about the Wingara Mura-Bunga Barrabugu program   View Summary
24 January 2017
WMBB programOur Bachelor of Pharmacy student, Alex Burke talks about his experiences with the Wingara Mura-Bunga Barrabugu program and why he thinks it's important.
Commercial interests may drown out patients' voices   View Summary
19 January 2017
patient advocacy groupUniversity of Sydney and Bond University researchers have called for greater independence and transparency around industry-sponsored patient advocacy groups, following growing evidence raising questions over potential bias.
Faculty of Pharmacy offers Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Complementary Medicines   View Summary
4 January 2017
Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Complementary MedicinesThe Faculty of Pharmacy's Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Complementary Medicines begins in 2018.