Tara Murphy: Meet a research star

28 June 2018

The Sydney Research Accelerator (SOAR) fellowships support outstanding the University of Sydney early and mid-career researcher to fulfil their potential. Among them, there is SIfA A/Prof Tara Murphy.

Currently, Prof Murphy is collaborating with LIGO, the international team that discovered gravitational waves. The key task is to scan the Universe, looking for the origin point of the waves which would allow a lot more information to be collected. This collaboration led to the outstanding discovery of the merge of two neutron stars, or better, the ongoing formation of a black hole.

But What is it really like to break new ground, to discover something no one else has before?

As part of the SOAR fellows, Tara appears in a new documentary series that describes the life of five research stars, to find out what makes them get out of bed in the morning, how they balance the pressures of academic life with family and the reality of successes and failures in research.

Watch the new video below.