Prestigious Visiting Miller Professorship awarded to prof. Joss Bland-Hawthorn

7 February 2017

The Visiting Miller Professorship funds eminent scientists from around the world to work at the University of California Berkeley on a short-term basis. It aims to enrich and promote collaborative research programs.

Since its introduction in 1957, the professorship has been awarded mainly to American and European scientists. Prof. Joss Bland Hawthorn is now the 6th Australian to win this award and he is the first from University of Sydney.

Next year, Prof. Joss Bland-Hawthorn will spend a period of three months at the UC Berkeley. During this time, he will collaborate with Berkeley researchers on the development on new astrophysics and astronomical instrumentations. Prof Bland-Hawthorn will also collaborate with Prof C.F. Mckee at the Department of Astronomy, a worldwide recognized expert in the field of theoretical astrophysics.

About this award Prof. Joss Bland-Hawthorn says:

SIfA is actively engaged in developing the next generation of astronomical instruments which has the consequence of opening up new scientific questions. We are in need of huge supercomputer simulations to optimise our instrument designs. We cannot do everything so sharing complementary skills with Berkeley scientists is an exciting prospect. I am proud that our work is recognised by the international community and am looking forward to my stint at Berkeley.