SIfA becomes the first astronomy group partner in an ARC Training Centre

6 June 2017

The School of Physics with Iver Cairns as Director is leading an ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre (ITTC) for CubeSats, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and their Applications. The other School of Physics Chief Investigators are A/Prof Joe Khachan and Dr Sergio Leon-Saval. This multidisciplinary training centre project is funded for 5 years with $4,619,950.

The Industrial Transformation Training Centres is a scheme that fosters close partnerships between university-based researchers and other research end-users to provide innovative Higher Degree by Research (HDR) and postdoctoral training for the end-user focused research industries vital to Australia's future. This training centre has 12 Cis and 12 PIs in collaboration with the University of New South Wales and 12 others partners organisations including industry and government: SABER ASTRONAUTICS AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD, AIR@WAVE COMMUNICATIONS PTY LTD, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Maritime Division Defence Science and Technology Organisation, National Security & Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Division, Australian Astronomical Observatory, BUREAU OF METEOROLOGY, Texas A&M University, Rochester Institute of Technology, HYVISTA CORPORATION PTY. LTD, OBELISK SYSTEMS PTY LD, ARBOR CARBON PTY LTD.

The ARC Training Centre is design around 3 multidisciplinary and interconnected aims: Systems, Instruments and Products. The centre will provide training for 11 Higher Degree by Research (ICHDR) students (PhDs) and 5 junior Postdoctoral Fellows (ICPD).

SAIL/SIfA laboratories will have a vital leading role in the Instruments aims. ARC ITTC Chief Investigator Sergio Leon-Saval will lead 2 of the 4 sub-projects on that effort: 1) Compact Imagers, and 2) Photonic Spectrometers and Hyperspectral Imagers in close collaboration with government DSTO/DSTG and AAO, and with industry HYVISTA CORPORATION PTY. LTD. These projects will be training 2 PhDs and 1 junior Postdoc.

This is no doubt an important step forward for industry linkages for astronomy, with SIfA being the first astronomy group in Australia to be a significant partner in an ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre.

Contact: Prof Iver H. Cairns

Phone: 02 9351- 3961

Email: 29593e31180a112719203e100f07784d1f2c2d612a2a2d16151a