Deadlines for NHMRC, ARC and Hearth Foundation schemes

8 January 2013

Make sure you've got all your paperwork in order because NHMRC, ARC and Heart Foundation deadlines are approaching.

This year, NHMRC's Centres of Research Excellence (CRE) applicants must commence their application and provide specified minimum data in the NHMRC's Research Grants Management System (RGMS) by 5pm Wednesday 16 January 2013. Furthermore, the deadline for internal applicants and Citizenship waivers is 11 February 2013. All applications for CREs are due at NHMRC by 20 February 2013. Please contact Kate Taylor for more information.

Other key dates for NHMRC schemes include Partnership Projects for internal applicants, which are due on Friday 18 January 2013 (NHMRC deadline is 29 January), and Citizenship waivers for Project Grants, which are due Wednesday 23 January 2013 (the internal deadline is 1 March). Kate Taylor is the person to talk to about Partnership Projects, and Joanne Elliot can provide information on Project Grants.

ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) applicants must submit an Expression of Interest by 8 February 2013 to Sophie Carruthers. For further information please visit the University's LIEF page.

Finally, Expressions of Interest are due at the Heart Foundationby 11 February 2013. Please contact Sophie Carruthers for assistance.