Featured opportunity: Postdoctoral Fellowship schemes

21 February 2013

Two Postdoctoral Fellowship schemes offered through the Scholarships Office are now open for applications.

Henry Bertie and Florence Mabel Gritton Postdoctoral Fellowship aims to promote the knowledge and study of Chemistry in relation to Industry and Agriculture, including Chemistry connected with Electrical Engineering, Metallurgical Chemistry and Chemistry in its application to Mining and the winning and treatment of minerals and natural products of the soil. Download information and application (docx)

Richard Claude Mankin Postdoctoral Fellowship aims to promote and encourages research at the University of Sydney related to water conservation. Download information and application (docx).

Applicants will need to have a doctoral qualification of no more than five years standing as at 1 March 2013.

Both schemes will close on Friday, 22 March 2013.

Contact: Scholarships Office

Phone: +61 2 8627 8112

Email: 052e10112e3e302458201d242b341a1e32717309202917291d4409361e6d2924