Deadlines approaching: Update your research output in IRMA

8 March 2013

 The deadline for inclusion in the current Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC), and annual Non-Traditional Research Output (NTRO) collection is rapidly approaching. To guarantee inclusion in the collections your output must be entered into IRMA by 30 March 2013.

Each year, the University collects traditional research outputs for HERDC, as well as an annual NTRO collection. The data collected for HERDC  (research income and traditional research publications) is submitted to DIISRTE and is used to assess the relative research and research training performance of universities, and drives the allocation of the Research Block Grant (RBG) funding.

Publication data are entered into the IRMA database, and eligible outputs (both traditional and non-traditional) may be eligible for future ERA rounds.

Traditional outputs collected are:

Non-traditional outputs collected are:

  • Original creative works (visual art work, design/architectural work, textual work (written creative work), other - e.g. scholarly editions, scholarly translations, public policy reports)
  • Live performance of creative works (music, play, dance, other)
  • Recorded/rendered creative works (film/video, recorded/rendered performance, inter-arts, digital creative work, website/web Exhibition, other
  • Curated or produced substantial public exhibitions and events (web-based exhibition, exhibition/event, festival, other)

Any research output submitted for the collection must meet eligibility requirements including meeting the HERDC/ERA definition of research.

Please check your IRMA profile, and submit any missing research output information to your Faculty research support contact person as soon as possible to ensure its inclusion in the collection.  They can advise on output eligibility and documentation requirements.