Changes to Animal Ethics submission and pre-review deadlines

6 May 2013

The Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) has recognised a need to approve more applications and modifications in less time.

One way in which this could be achieved is to allow more time to clarify and improve applications and modifications by consulting with researchers after submission and before AEC meetings. 

There is often not enough time to follow up even minor issues, leading to application approval being deferred or rejected and researchers having to re-submit to the next meeting.

As such the AEC has decided to lengthen the period of time between the submission and pre-review deadlines and the relevant AEC Main and AEC Executive Meetings. 

So from 1 June 2013, the submission deadlines for the AEC Main Meeting, the AEC Executive Meeting and the draft pre-review deadline each month will all move forward two days, in order to provide more time for the AEC to liaise with researchers on applications and modifications before a decision is made at the relevant AEC meeting. This will hopefully increase the number of applications and modifications that are approved without undue delay.

The updated dates can be found on the
Research Support website.

If you have any queries please contact the Animal Ethics Office via email: