Industry Innovation Precincts

10 May 2013

Industry Innovation Precincts will be industry-led national networks  bringing together industry and research capability from across Australia in areas of competitive advantage and emerging opportunity.

Up to 10 Industry Innovation Precincts will be established. The first two Industry Innovation Precincts will be in the manufacturing and food industry. The remaining eight Precincts will be selected through this facilitated two-stage competitive process.

All sectors and industries around the nation have the opportunity to put forward a compelling bid to establish an Industry Innovation Precinct. Precinct applications are to be industry-led, comprising consortia with several different organisations including Australian businesses, industry and research organisations. International engagement is also encouraged.

An online collaboration register has been developed to assist prospective applicants with identifying potential collaborators,

Closing: 5 June 2013.
Contact:Anders Hallgren, Commercial Development and Industry Partnerships Director