Congratulations goes to...

8 November 2013

Awards are being won left, right and centre at the moment, with accolades going to researchers in Physics, Chemistry and Agriculture to name a few.

The 2013 Young Tall Poppy Awards were announced at the powerhouse museum on October 31, honouring
Dr Dennis Stello and Dr Alex Argyros from the University of Sydney's School of Physics. More information about their wins is available on our website.

The 2013 NSW Science and Engineering Awards on the following evening also featured two University of Sydney researchers. The award for Renewable Energy Innovation went to
Prof Thomas Maschmeyer from the School of Chemistry, while Prof Robert Park from the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment received the award for Excellence in Biological Sciences (Ecology, environmental, agricultural and organismal).

Dr Matthew Todd's Open Source Malaria Consortium is one of three recipients for the Accelerating Science Award Program, which was recently announced in Washington, DC. More information about the project and their award win is available on The Conversation.

The Heart Foundation has also released the
recipients of their reseach program awards. Eight University of Sydney researchers were successfully funded for nine projects.