NHMRC 2014 Project Grants: new requirement for written consents

25 January 2013

The NHMRC requires that CIAs obtain written consent from all Chief Investigators (CI) and Associate Investigators (AI) named on each application for funding commencing in 2014.

Once obtained, CIAs should provide collated consents to the Research Grants & Contracts team, via email or formal letter, along with your Assessor Snapshot and Research Proposal Clearance Form.  Please note that the number of Associate Investigators (AI) allowed to be listed on an application is now limited to 10.

Suggested wording for AIs.
I (AI name), of the (AI organisation) consent to be Associate Investigator on the 2013 round of NHMRC Project Grant for funding commencing in 2014 with the APP(enter in unique NHMRC RGMS application ID number) entitled (scientific title).

Please include a signature block in the email that includes applicants name, title, institution and contact details. The Project Grants page has more guides and key dates.