Deadline extended: Award for reduction in the use of animals in research

31 May 2012

The Australian Code of Practice for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes requires that techniques which replace the use of animals in research be sought and used wherever possible. As part of its commitment to the ethical principles of the Code, the University will again be offering an award to recognise scientific research that shows potential to reduce or replace the use of animals.

The deadline for nominations has been extended to Friday 29 June 2012.

The award is a payment of $1000 to the applicant's department and it is inteded that the successful applicant will have discretion over expenditure of the award money.

Eligibility criteria

  • Applications must include a description of results from original work which show potential to replace or reduce the use of sentient animals in research.
  • The work should have been completed prior to the application closing date.
  • A substantial component of the work must have been conducted by staff or students of the University of Sydney or one of its affiliate institutions.
  • The work must be of a scientific nature.

Assessment criteria

Applications which show one or more of the following are likely to be viewed favourably:

  • Development of a novel procedure that replaces or reduces the use of animals;
  • Improvement or formal validation of an existing non-animal procedure;
  • Replacing the use of sentient animal species with non-sentient species;
  • Replacing the use of animal products with synthetic alternatives;
  • Encouraging the acceptance of a non-animal method by scientific colleagues;
  • Evidence of peer-review;
  • A clear indication of the extent to which the work has already replaced animal-

    based procedures or the extent to which this may be possible in the future.

Download the full application instructions (PDF)

Contact: Animal Ethics

Email: 533e0b460d2d7e3f003d0016363903082d3b034b7854104d7b0e03