Share your ideas for the health and medical research review

9 October 2012

In the context of recent state and federal government reports, we now have an unprecedented opportunity to shape our vision for health and medical research through the recently announced Wills Review, which will focus on optimising the resources of all our health and medical research entities over the next 10 years. 

As the review begins to take shape, we are asking for your input. What do you consider are the key issues that the review should address?  Through our critical partnerships in the health system, we have, as an institution, deep insight into the challenges and opportunities facing our communities and the world. Whether you are directly involved in research, teaching or delivering services, or indirectly involved through activities such as design and urban infrastructure planning, your knowledge of the issues faced will be valuable. 

A simple web form has been developed to capture your responses, which will provide the foundation for a discussion paper. 

To help shape our vision so that we may continue to lead in the delivery of better health outcomes, I urge you to contribute your ideas to this important review.


Jill Trewhella.